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Our members report average annual savings of more than 25%*

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Average Annual Savings on Homeowners Insurance by Members After Switching from These Carriers

PURE Switch Savings Chart

Source: Based on member reporting savings from prior carrier.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why

  • A better model with a lower cost of capital
  • Careful member selection
  • A commitment to preventing losses
  • Better technology, better efficiency

A Better Model with a Lower Cost of Capital

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Members contribute capital to PURE by making Surplus Contributions for the first five years of membership. These contributions, which are equal to a small percentage of a member’s premiums, provide a steady flow of capital to PURE, contributing to PURE’s financial strength and a much lower cost of capital than most stock insurers. A lower cost of capital contributes to highly competitive rates. And, yes, the saving stats above factor in the cost of Surplus Contributions.

Careful Member Selection

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PURE was designed exclusively for successful and responsible individuals. The membership consists of high net worth families who have a track record of proudly maintaining their homes and property. They drive safely and protect their collections. Whether they are entrepreneurs, financiers, corporate executives, or other professionals, they are bonded by a track record of responsibility – including having few, if any, insurance claims prior to joining PURE.

Careful Member Selection

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A Commitment to Preventing Losses

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By reducing risk, we help reduce the long-term cost of insurance. Doing that starts with selecting the right members and then offering solutions and support like the following:


PURE employs an expert team of Risk Management professionals. Among the complimentary services they offer is the PURE360 Risk Management Consultation.

Following the PURE360 Risk Management Consultation, members receive a report that includes smart loss prevention advice tailored to their home. Member Advocates can assist in the implementation of any or all of the risk management recommendations from the PURE360 report.

PURE Member Advocates

During a claim, Member Advocates take on and manage administrative hassles in order to reduce the time burden for you. Following a loss, they look for ways to help you prevent similar losses from occurring, and in cases of larger losses, will offer an allowance towards the cost of loss prevention solutions. At any time, Member Advocates can help you connect to valuable specialists such as fine art experts, arborists and vetted contractors.

Technology Investments That Provide Operational Efficiencies

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Unlike most insurers that are burdened by maintaining or upgrading costly, antiquated ‘legacy’ systems, PURE’s technology has been a massive competitive advantage. It allows us to enhance the member experience and operate far more efficiently. It manifests itself in many ways, from our innovative Member Portal, simplified billing process, secure and convenient e-delivery, streamlined quoting and policy administration for brokers, sophisticated underwriting and rating, seamless integration among systems, and much more.

Coastal Insurance is a PURE-appointed independent brokerGet Started